Windshield Wiper Fluid Vs. Water For A Vehicle

Windshield wipers are a crucial part of the functioning of your vehicle. An often forgotten component of that is the importance of having windshield washer fluid. Many people mistakenly think they are able to use water in place of windshield washer fluid. The truth is that water can be quite damaging to your vehicle.

The first thing that can happen is that the combination of cold weather can damage the reservoir. Think about what happens to a rock when water freezes over: the rock tends to crack in half. The same is definitely true of a vehicle's windshield wiper fluid reservoir.

Finally, the minerals in water can also be damaging to the reservoir. Minerals bind to plastic and degrade it. These reasons rank among many why we at DARCARS Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Rockville highly recommend that you choose windshield washer fluid over water when you need to keep your car's windshield clean.
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