New Tires Leaking Air?

It can be frustrating when you just bought new tires, and they still leak air. There are several factors besides the tire that can cause a slow air leak besides the tire. The air is not leaking through the tire, so where is it escaping?

The only two possibilities, other than the tire itself, are the valve stem and the wheel. The valve stem usually causes a very slow leak. A wheel leak can be any size. It can be due to corrosion on the wheel or a dent from a pothole that affects the ability of the tire to make a proper seal.

If you are leaking air for no apparent reason bring it into our service center at DARCARS Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Rockville for a quick inspection. The diagnosis process is quick, and you will have your answer in just a few minutes. Then you can permanently fix the problem.

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