Fluids to Keep an Eye On

Vehicle fluids are crucial. What are the most important fluids to keep an eye on?

These are the top fluids you should always monitor:


Oil keeps the motor running smoothly. This needs to get changed at regular intervals. Our technicians can provide these oil changes with great consistency.

Brake Fluid

Your vehicle needs brakes to stop. Your fluid helps the brakes stay smooth and less rugged. You might notice an abnormal feeling if the brake fluid is low.

Transmission Fluid

You need your transmission fluid at the right levels for several reasons. It will help your car change gears more smoothly. A lower fluid level could lead to rough shifting and driving. This is often inspected best by a professional.


The coolant helps the engine stay cool. It's that simple. Many vehicle owners overlook this simple fluid. You never want to check it while it's hot. It might be best to consult a professional.

Our expert technicians are ready to assess your vehicle fluids. We are here to help you establish a routine maintenance program.

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