What to Do Before Turning in your Car after a Lease Ends

If you have decided to return your car after the lease is up, it is recommended to do a few things before handing in the car as per your lease contract.

Consider inspecting the car by looking out for excess wear, and significant damages such as large dents and cracks on the windows. Small issues such as spills and scratches may not be important. If you do have dents, cracks or excess wear the car dealership might charge you a fee depending on the damage. Alternatively, you could pay for the damages before turning the car in.

Check for excess mileage in your contract and see if you are past the optimal mileage point as per the contractual agreement. It is advisable to also clean out your car before handing in the keys to the dealer.

Are ready to turn in your car? Visit our dealership or give us a call today. We will be happy to assist you in your upcoming choice and finding your next vehicle.

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